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The Language of the Roman Empire

Millions of people travel to Italy just to hear one of the most beautiful languages ever spoken. Though Italian is considered a Romance language due to its ties to the Roman Empire, many people consider Italian a romantic language for other reasons. Classic operas are sung in Italian, and countless of people believe this is the official language of love.

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Intensive Courses, Italian language

Intensive Courses

Italian + Experience, Italian language

Italian + Experience

Exam preparation, Italian language

Exam preparation

Giro d’Italia, Italian language

Giro D’Italia

Based in some of the most interesting cities in Italy, our Italian courses inspire and motivate you to learn Italian easily and to experience and enjoy the local culture.

Intensive Courses

The intensive courses and their variations are the best options if you want to become fluent in Italian quickly. They offer a minimum of 4 classes per day (depending on the particular variation, there can be more). Spending time in Italy with multiple lessons a day where the only language you speak is Italian, as all the classes are in Italian, is the best way to immerse yourself into your studies and improve so much faster. Apart from that, you will still have time after classes to spend the rest of the day exploring the city and culture.

Italian + Experience

What better way to study a language than to take a language course in the morning and a culture-related class in the afternoon? We offer courses for the majority of things that the particular cities are famous for, like art history in Florence, architecture in Rome, cooking in Milan and Venice, and many more.

Exam preparation

TANDEM Italian schools are all registered centers for the preparation for CILS (Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language) exams. Therefore, you are going to train using all required language skills using several mock exams. You will get to know the various types of tasks and train your aptitude and strategies for the examination. We simulate realistic exam situations, advise you with regards to the progress you make, and give you valuable hints for mastering the tasks.

Giro d’Italia

One country, two or three cities, one great experience. From Milan to Rome, from Venice to Florence or even further along the roads throughout Italy. Book the Giro d’Italia course and learn so much more about Italy and the Italians. Start your learning adventure in the city of your choice and continue your course in another place.

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