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Torre di Babele

Torre di Babele logoItalian language school in Rome, Italy

Torre di Babele is an Italian school with more than 30 years of experience, specializing in teaching Italian to foreigners. We stand out for our high standards, and the welcoming service and individualized attention we offer to our students. We offer Italian courses for all levels, from absolute starters to advanced. Our mission consists of allowing our students to develop the skills necessary to communicate in the Italian language with people from all over the world. We provide an extreme quality of teaching and serve as a center of reference in the training and improvement of Italian teachers.

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Your accommodations in Rome

Shared flat, Torre di Babele, Rome

Shared flat

Hotel, Torre di Babele, Rome


Apartment, Torre di Babele, Rome


Host family, Torre di Babele, Rome

Host family

Positive experiences while studying abroad depend not only on the quality of the language course and cultural activities, but also on the student’s satisfaction with their “home away from home”. Our housing department takes great care in finding just the right accommodations to suit the student and make their stay in Rome comfortable and enjoyable. We offer rooms in apartments with other students or with locals, hotels, B&Bs or independent apartments.

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Activities and Excursions

Traditional dances, Torre di Babele, Rome

Traditional dances

Language Exchange, Torre di Babele, Rome

Language Exchange

Guided visits, Torre di Babele, Rome

Guided visits

Regional food tasting, Torre di Babele, Rome

Regional food tasting

Living in Italy – even if it is only for a short time – is a unique experience, full of opportunities. Rome is a lively metropolis, with an exciting cultural scene. The city offers a broad range of events throughout the year to satisfy the tastes of all age groups. It has the world’s largest outdoor museum, hundreds of churches, countless monuments, museums, galleries, theaters and cinemas.The following activities are examples of some that we offer on a regular basis: workshops on Italian culture, literature, art history, architecture, opera, cooking, tours of the centre, wine tasting excursions during the week-end to Naples, Pompeii, Orvieto, Florence and to the seaside and many more.

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Rome, Italy

Why study Italian in Rome?

Rome is the dream of many. Walking through its streets, discovering its monuments, walking along the Via Veneto, visiting the Colosseum and feeling that you are in a famous movie while walking around the centre are just some of the things that will make you fall in love with this place. Rome is a city of history and culture, a vibrant and lively metropolis, perfect for exploring the Italian lifestyle. Located in the centre of the country, in the Lazio region, it is the capital of Italy and the fourth most populated city in Europe.



Cultural Activities

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Partnerships and Certifications

TANDEM International Quality Seal

Association of Language Travel Organisations

Associazione delle Scuole di Italiano come Lingua Seconda




City hopping with TANDEM International

We offer combined Italian courses in different locations. You can start your Italian course in Torre di Babele, Rome, and continue in one of our partner schools in Milan, Florence, Venice and Trieste.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details about our discounts for combined courses!

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Going to Italy is like a feast for all five senses. It has a rich history of famous artists, actors, and explorers, and it is an expressive culture with deep familial and ancient roots.

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Millions of people travel to Italy just to hear one of the most beautiful languages ever spoken. Though Italian is considered a Romance language due to its ties to the Roman Empire, many people consider Italian a romantic language for other reasons.

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