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San Sebastián, Madrid, Granada, Barcelona, Santiago de Chile, Cusco

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world

With over 470 million native speakers, the Spanish language is a powerful way to communicate. Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world, second only to Mandarin Chinese. However, learning Spanish has an advantage: Spanish spans over 23 different countries, while Mandarin is officially recognized by only three. Learning Spanish truly means connecting with people globally.

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Official exams, Spanish language

Official exams

Group programs, Spanish language

Group programs

Teacher training, Spanish language

Teacher training

Spanish experience, Spanish language

Spanish + experience

Spanish is your key to a vast array of opportunities regardless of your field. TANDEM Spanish schools not only offer intensive Spanish courses for adults and young learners, but also specialized programs and experiences which target specific areas of Spanish for improvement.

Official Exam Preparation

Officially certify your Spanish level with TANDEM courses with proven effective learning methods, qualified teachers and a high success rate. Students with official certificates hold a substantial advantage over the competition as applicants stand out to employers and admission officers. These exams open doors to attend and work for top universities, institutions and organizations worldwide.

What exams are available?

DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language)

SIELE (International Evaluation of the Spanish Language)

Madrid Chamber of Commerce exams (Business Spanish, Spanish for Tourism, Medical Spanish)

Spanish Teacher Training

Our Teacher training courses are designed for non-native Spanish educators interested in learning the latest and most effective approaches to Spanish teaching while brushing up and updating their own Spanish skills. Immersion in the culture of your host country and cultural points discussed in class will give you first-hand insight into life in a Spanish-speaking region, an essential element of language instruction.

Group Programs

For special, closed groups of younger students or for groups of adult students with particular language needs, the TANDEM Spanish school can design “made-to-order” Spanish courses at any time of the year.

Spanish + Experience

Are you looking for learning holidays? TANDEM Spanish schools offer the perfect mix of Spanish courses, activities, people and places. Surfing in San Sebastián, Cooking in Madrid, Flamenco dancing or outdoor activities in Granada, wine tasting and skiing in Santiago de Chile and more … come, join us and discover a new way of language learning.

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