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TANDEM Quality Seal

TANDEM International Quality standards

Quality Seal - TANDEM International

The TANDEM International Quality Seal has been created to bring together language schools worldwide that share our values and commitment to quality, social responsibility, and human development.

TANDEM aims for more than to just develop the highest quality teaching standards. Our mission of “inspiring people to learn, connect, and engage with foreign languages in once in a lifetime experience” means a strong commitment to responsible social values, promoting cross-cultural awareness, and fostering understanding among students, staff, and the community.

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Obtaining the TANDEM International Quality Seal

Our Quality Seal transcends the simple certification of school services. It is a resource we offer to independent schools that share our values, so that they develop that quality consistently through collaboration and partnership. TANDEM is a democratic network of schools helping each other to grow by sharing resources, knowledge, and experience. We provide each other with the support needed to develop our companies, just like we promote the development of our students.

The process to obtain this certification is simple yet strict. We need to assure that all schools work in harmony with the principles of our organization and that they are committed to improve and exceed the quality of their services over time.

If you believe that your company can identify with our philosophy
and you wish to be part of the TANDEM family, join us!

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