The Spanish language school in Granada!

Opened in 1986, our language school Escuela Montalbán – TANDEM Granada offers  Spanish courses in Granada, which is surely one of southern Spain’s most beautiful cities. The warm and friendly atmosphere of our school and unique flair of our city will make your time in Andalusia an unforgettable experience.

The school building with its modern interior, welcoming classrooms and Andalusian patio is in a quiet residential district just ten minutes on foot from the city centre. This is where we hold all our Spanish lessons along with a wide range of cultural events. The school puts great emphasis on a personal approach and creating the right atmosphere for successful learning. A course leader works with the teachers to plan the lessons and teaching methods. All teachers are native speakers with a university degree and have a long experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Ours is a medium-sized school with around 1000 students a year and has been accredited by the Instituto Cervantes since 2002. Escuela Montalbán is also an exam centre for the internationally recognised DELE and SIELE exams in Spanish as a foreign language. Our language courses are also recognised in Germany as educational leave.

Escuela Montalbán in pictures

Escuela Montalbán

C/ Conde Cifuentes, 11
18005 Granada
Phone: +34 958 - 256875

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Learn Spanish in Granada!

Granada, at the foot of the Sierra Nevada and at the heart of Andalusia’s Moorish history, is one of Spain’s most beautiful cities. Its transformation from a small unimportant settlement began with the conquest by the Moors in 711. The city was fortified and extensive irrigation systems installed. With the dissolution of the Emirate of Córdoba in 1031, Granada became an independent kingdom. Under the rule of the Nasrid dynasty, Granada blossomed culturally and economically. The city fell in 1492 as the last bastion of the Moors. King Boabdil surrendered it without a fight to the Catholic Monarchs Isabella and Ferdinand II. Granada is an important university city with over 60,000 students and surely one of the most beautiful places in southern Spain. With a large cultural offering, the world-famous Alhambra and a vibrant nightlife, it is the ideal destination for a language study trip. An afternoon on the nearby Mediterranean beaches, winter sports in the Sierra Nevada, flamenco in the Romani district of Sacromonte, salsa dancing in the countless bars, a visit to the hammam or a stroll along the winding alleyways of the historic Albaicín: Granada offers countless sport and leisure options.

City Hopping 

With TANDEM, you can split your German course across two cities. You can start your language course at Escuela Montalbán and continue it at one of our partner schools in Barcelona, Madrid, San Sebastián and Santiago de Chile.