About us

We are an association of German and Spanish language schools.

TANDEM Language Schools is an association of private, independent language schools for German and Spanish. Very different schools in Germany, Spain and Chile collaborate and share experience. Each school is independent and maintains its own identity and marketing strategies. Different countries, languages and realities in close contact and all with a common goal: motivating people to learn German or Spanish and embrace other cultures.

Communicative learning methods

At our schools, the learning success of our participants comes first. We use modern, communicative teaching methods to support independent learning and contact between participants. Additional cultural activities and promoting contact between students and the local region are integral parts of our work.

In addition, all TANDEM schools also arrange partnerships for our TANDEM language exchange. In this method, two people with different first languages meet and practice each other’s language. They spend half of their time together speaking in one language and the other half in the other language. This approach combines fun, learning and communication. Note: A language tandem is no substitute for a language course.

Our history

TANDEM International e.V. was founded in 2001 as a network of independent, non-profit language schools. All member schools see language learning as an opportunity to promote intercultural understanding at the same time. The creation of TANDEM International was initiated by the foundation “TANDEM Fundazioa” in Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain.

In 2022, the network became a German-Spanish association of schools that offer German and Spanish language courses in Germany, Spain and Chile all year round. TANDEM is open to new members if they meet national and internal quality standards. The TANDEM schools benefit from each other through constant dialogue and inter-school cooperation in marketing. Representatives from the schools meet once a year to plan joint projects.

The term TANDEM is now a protected trademark of TANDEM International e.V. in more than 15 countries.


Introducing our Board and employees:


Marcelo Ávalos

1st Chairperson of the Board

Marcelo Ávalos represents our association at institutional level as its first chairperson. He manages the TANDEM Munich language school in Germany.

Begoña Llovet

2nd Chairperson of the Board

Begoña Llovet represents our association at institutional level as its second chairperson. She manages the TANDEM Madrid language school in Spain.

Klaus Führmann


Klaus Führmann is your contact person. He coordinates our internal communication. He has worked for ZDSK / TANDEM Frankfurt in Germany since 1994.


Our language groups

Our language schools offer German and Spanish as foreign languages. The member schools of each language group work together at country level. The internal work of the association is coordinated by the representatives of the two language groups.


Werner Riebe

German courses in Germany

Managing director of CASA Bremen/TANDEM Bremen, Germany

Margarete Fortmann

Spanish courses in Spain

Managing Director of Escuela Montalbán/ TANDEM Granada in Granada, Spain

Stefan Meffert

Spanish courses in South America

Managing director of TANDEM Santiago in Santiago de Chile



What characterises our member schools?

  • TANDEM schools work on the basis of external quality standards. In addition, all schools are subject to the association’s internal quality management system.
  • The managing directors are generally trained teachers and thus guarantee highly qualified foreign language teaching.
  • The lessons are geared towards the course participants and take place in small, manageable learning groups.
  • TANDEM schools give course participants plenty of cultural input. You will enjoy the local life and improve your language practice and intercultural communication in the process.
  • Whether you choose to stay with a host family, in a student residence or in a hotel, we will find suitable accommodation for you.
  • If requested, the school will find you a local language partner.