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Who we are: Our philosophy

TANDEM International is a worldwide association of language schools, specializing in the teaching of language. Each TANDEM institute specializes in the language spoken in its own country, making it the only association of its type in the world. Moreover, TANDEM institutes also specialize in enabling students to practice and deepen their acquired knowledge of the target language outside of the classroom during the course period or, indeed, after their coursework is completed.

Why study in TANDEM School?

TANDEM institute is special because it cares for you before your course, it cares for you during your course and during your stay, and even when your course at the institute is just a happy memory, a TANDEM institute continues to care. They match you with a TANDEM partner who helps you to learn, and who learns with your help in the common pursuit of fluency and excellence.

So, while you have started your language learning adventure with TANDEM, and you may be touring the world, picking up more languages and gaining even more cultural understanding, you can always turn to a TANDEM school and be instantly at home.

By offering and facilitating TANDEM language exchange partnerships, the schools gathered in TANDEM International form the only association in the world that enables its students to continue aspiring to fluency long after the course has been completed.

What is so special about a TANDEM institute?

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  • It puts people first, not profit. It cares about you. It learns about your exact needs and requirements.
  • It puts quality before quantity. All TANDEM institutes adhere to clear ethics and standards of procedure, making TANDEM schools QUALITY schools.
  • TANDEM managers are teachers at heart, and you can rest assured a TANDEM institute provides quality teaching.
  • A TANDEM institute makes you feel at home; its groups are small, management is horizontal, the teaching is student-centered.
  • TANDEM knows the value of strong local cultural input. It helps you to enjoy the local social life, enhancing your language practice in the process. A TANDEM institute will ensure the accommodations it finds for you is exactly what you need– hotel, hostel or host-family.
  • Caring for you both inside and outside of the classroom, a TANDEM institute will link you with a partner (virtual or real) to help you excel in your language.
  • A TANDEM school is an active player in cross-cultural communication and understanding. Its democratic, humanistic, anti-racist, anti-gender discrimination and inclusive approach will respect you and care for your needs and rights.
  • A TANDEM institute will care for you even after the course is completed, by enabling you to reinforce, consolidate and deepen your acquired knowledge of the target language with a TANDEM partner from the comfort of your own home.
  • TANDEM International has installed a quality management system to assure you the trust you put in us at one school’s location will be respected at all the other TANDEM places, too.
  • And with quality and added value like this, it represents the best value for the money you can get. That’s caring for you too.

More about TANDEM International

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